Friday, March 2, 2012

Beautiful People

I can't imagine a world without music!  One sweet friend, made me an entire cd of "happy songs" as she called it!  I have been enjoying it immensely.  She is a good example of what I am musing about here today.  Having grown up in the South,  Country music is a part of me.  As I was driving this morning, I was listening to Tim McGraw's "Beautiful People".  What an inspiring song, the message is so pure.  It is one of those songs that helps me keep perspective.  The "list" that is sometimes so daunting, was created by me... maybe I should add things to it like: " make someone's day" or "be truly present for my loved ones, giving them my full attention".  I know that time spent with family and friends is far more important  and more rewarding than completing my list.  I have also noticed that the dirty dishes will wait for me, no worries!!  I realize I am a bit late to be making resolutions, but I am going to try to live a fuller life.  Full with things of true value.  I am the first to admit that we are all happier when things are neat and clean,  I am not going to give up on that,  just not stress about it as much!
Wish me luck!


  1. What an awesome message and what a sweet song. To me, you are a good example of this. :)

  2. Great message, Natalie. I met a guy once who always sang to himself in the car coming home from work so he would be in a happy mood for his family! Music works.