About Pure Laundry

I created Pure Laundry for people like me.
As a busy mom who likes nice things, I've been accused of maybe being a hippie, and I take pride in caring for my family, I wanted a laundry soap that worked well, wasn't full of added fillers and unnecessary ingredients.
Having moved recently to a new home in the middle of a corn field, with a septic system...
Having also purchased a front loading washer, I wasn't happy with how the laundry smelled.
My husband had even commented, "our towels didn't smell bad, just not fresh."
I started experimenting. I discovered many recipes in random books and online for homemade laundry soap. Eventually, we created a recipe we were pleased with. My 10 year old son, who was actively involved in mixing, pouring and stirring... ran to the laundry room. He had his first real lesson in sorting clothes, we did a towel load first. We were thrilled with the results. The true test was my husband, after using a freshly washed towel, he exclaimed, "You had better bottle this stuff, these towels smell amazing!"
We have enjoyed lots of help and support from dear friends and family. Ultimately, we hope you are as pleased with our product as we are.
We use the finest ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils. The essential oils help clean and freshen the laundry. They offer other benefits as well. In addition to smelling wonderful, some have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.