Monday, May 6, 2013

Nothing Like Clean Sheets!!

As I was stripping my son's bed this morning... I was thinking about how much I love clean sheets.
Especially after a relaxing bubble bath.   Don't we all?
He may have the cleanest sheets in the house, not because clean sheets mean anything to a twelve year old, but because he is plagued with bloody noses.  Many a day he awakes and as one of his older brothers puts it, "he has punched himself in the face."  Today was one of those days.  All the way through to the mattress pad.  Poor child!
I have learned a few things I would like to share from this experience:

1st-  Place a safety pin on the worst spots so when the sheets come out of the washer you can actually be sure the blood is removed completely.  The drier will set the stains, and it is sometimes difficult especially on fitted sheets and pillow cases to be sure of their exact locations.

2nd- Hydrogen peroxide is a great aid in removing blood from most fabrics.  You may want to spot test on dark or high maintenance fabrics.

3rd- The more the better.  I basically put a little bit of everything from the cupboard on the bloody spots.  Dish soap, stain remover, peroxide and I have even had my son spit on the spots if he is available.  Supposably the enzymes in our spit, (the person whose blood it is), will break it down and help remove the stain also!  Our bodies are amazing!!

4th- I always use Pure Laundry lavender soap to wash bedding.  It is amazing!

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