Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"You had better bottle this stuff" ... Well, with maybe 10 days notice, I found out we could participate in the Sweet William Open Air Market in Denver. A chance to test the market and find out if there was any interest in the general public, for this kind of product.

It was a crazy week to say the least. My dear friend("dear friend"- someone who jumps on board with any crazy idea you have and makes it happen) Diane, and her very enthusiastic family, along with my own very supportive family got to work. Looking back it was a blast. It was a learning experience as well. We made a sign. Made lots and lots of laundry soap, and were off.
It was a VERY hot day, but so much fun!!
Our best customer so far is an elderly gentleman from Utah. He bought 10 bags, bless his heart.
Over all we felt it was a success.

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  1. Wow, that is cool. I thought I was suppose to be the domestic one:) Are you selling anything online?